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I am SO impressed with “The Watching Eye”. SURE we know the Government is watching us, but I never knew to what extent! Shocking! But the best part is because of your book, I now know how to stop them. Thank you Steven!

– Steven Hampton, Blaine, WA

From: Steven Bryant

Re: Your Free Copy Of “The Watching Eye”

3 Things You Must Do Right Now To Defend Yourself From Our Intelligence Agency’s New Mass Control Weapon

Last year, Americans everywhere were uninformed as our intelligence agency’s surveillance programs quietly got extended.

Many were blindsided, as the news coverage shifted its focus towards 2020’s pressing events.

In the book ‘Guinea Pigs: Technologies of Control’, the author warned us that surveillance could become a “Mass Control Weapon”…

…Primarily used for political gain as a “behavioral control assist” tool.

Modern-day totalitarian-like countries use deep surveillance to track citizens even in the safety of their own homes. 

Without warning, protestors and those exercising Freedom Of Speech could suddenly “disappear” overnight.

In fact, CNN reported 1,300 people go “missing” in one of these countries every day.

But with new reports rolling in, we now know the United States could be mimicking these totalitarian-like surveillance programs…

To gain control over its citizens…

Before this new program goes into full effect, here’s what you can do to protect yourself…

Introducing The Watching Eye… The 3 Things You Must Do Right Now To Defend Against Mass Surveillance

Discover how to take simple yet specific steps to avoid being illegally spied on!

Today, and today only you can claim a copy of my newest book “The Watching Eye.” And you can get it for free…

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So What Do People Think Of My Little Book?

I am SO impressed with “The Watching Eye”. SURE we know the Government is watching us, but I never knew to what extent! Shocking! But the best part is because of your book, I now know how to stop them. Thank you Steven!


Dave K, Westerville, Ohio

I’ve read The Watching Eye and am now truly informed! I had NO idea my cell phone apps were tracking everything I was doing! Thank you so much for showing me how to keep my apps, but turn all that nasty tracking off! I feel so much more secure now thanks to your book. You’re a life saver!


Frank Davis, Peoria, AZ

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Your Fellow Patriot,

Steven Bryant


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Thank you for caring and offering your program. It’s true patriots like you, who lay out the scenarios that concern real Americans, and prepare us for what may be up next.

I enjoyed reading your books, as it helped me and my family prepare ourselves for any crisis situation we may encounter. I truly hope more people will take your writing to heart, much like I have.

I’m really impressed with all that you have done, and will certainly read and share the benefit of your knowledge with everyone I help prepare themselves for the next real life situation, which will happen all too soon. I look forward to your future publications.

Thank you,

Tony Antoniou, EL PASO, Texas

Well done Mr. Bryant, you’ve created an easy to follow blueprint for not just my privacy, but my family’s as well. I can’t thank you enough. In all honesty, I recommended this book to everyone and still do.

Thank you,

Pat Connelly, Connellsville, PA

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